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Nieuw In prijs verlaagd! VDL Masten VDL_ToeslagKleur_Klasse2

VDL Masten VDL_ToeslagKleur_Klasse2

VDL Masten VDL_ToeslagKleur_Klasse2

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Levertijd 3 tot 6 weken. Niet retourneerbaar!

€ 372,60 Inclusief belasting


Voor € 414,00

Levertijd: 3 tot 6 weken

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VDL Masten VDL_ToeslagKleur_Klasse2

VDL, surcharge for painting masts in high-quality coating for colors class 2, use this product code extra for all colors that are not provided as standard

the following colors are class 1, for this you do NOT have to provide this product code, in this case the painting of the mast is provided in the standard price of the mast (for all mast references ending in -VL): RAL6005, 6009, 7003, 7016, 7024 , 7032, 7035, 9005 and 9010, this exception can be used for multiple masts, so whether you have to provide one or more masts in the same color class2, you only need to provide this extra product reference once (up to 5 masts, if more, then the price is on request), the specific RAL-color has to be determined on the order, valid for DCC coating, not for powder coated material